La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

The Spa


Spa & Massages at Ile de Re – Cinq Mondes Spa

Spa and Wellness Area opening times and prices

Open to non-resident clients

Spa open every day from 9:30am to 8pm
Booking required, up to 2 people only
Price* for 55 minutes with a free glass of champagne for each client:

  • Resident clients: €49
  • Non-resident clients: €69

*This price includes access to the lap pool, jacuzzi, sauna and wellness area, and a free glass of champagne per person. Treatments incur an extra charge and must be booked. Dammann teas and herbal teas can be made in the Spa and Wellness Area.

Please note: For safety reasons, children under 16 cannot use the spa.

La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

Spa on Île de Ré: unwind at La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

Discover our exclusive Cinq Mondes Spa & Wellness Area on Île de Ré

The Spa & Wellness Areain the heart of the gardens at La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa**** in Saint-Martin-de-Ré is a quiet and magical place where you can relax.

It boasts a lap pool with balneotherapy jets, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a relaxation area with a glass roof and walls, and the only Cinq Mondes massages and treatments on the island.

Everything is designed to create balance between body and mind. It is time to forget the everyday grind and focus on yourself to revitalise body and soul.

The Spa & Wellness Area at La Baronnie can be booked out privately. It is the perfect place to relax as the natural light floods in through the picture windows. Look outside, and you’ll see the lush green gardens with their abundant rosemary and hydrangea. In the evening, the Spa & Wellness Area is lit by candles, taking on a more intimate feel conducive to meditation. Peace, silence and exquisite pleasure reign.

La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

The pioneering Cinq Mondes natural beauty brand

At the intersection between science and tradition, the Cinq Mondes brand is underpinned by research and unique beauty products containing active ingredients that are of organic origin or natural and free of petrochemicals. Avoiding parabens, silicone and artificial colours, the brand offers a compassionate and respectful immersion in natural beauty.

The only Cinq Mondes Spa on Île de Ré

Treatments and massages*

The Spa & Wellness Area also has a treatment room where our qualified beautician specially trained at the Cinq Mondes Institute provides a selection of treatments and massages from this prestigious brand. Choose from the face and body treatments and massages* available to suit your preferences and your skin’s needs. In our beautician’s expert hands, enjoy all the benefits of your treatment and Cinq Mondes products.

*Our massages are for relaxation and beauty purposes only. They are not therapeutic or medical in nature.

La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

The Cinq Mondes approach

The Cinq Mondes brand combines elements of ancient knowledge and key beauty rituals from every culture, including those of Bali, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Polynesia, Thailand and the East.

Cleanse, purify, hydrate, nourish, combat signs of ageing, firm, drain, slim down and more… The Cinq Mondes treatment menu and associated products meet all the skin’s needs at different points in life, based on its type. What’s more, the treatments take you on an unexpected sensory journey.

One of them — the Ko Bi Do anti-ageing facial massage from Laboratoires Cinq Mondes inspired by a traditional Japanese ritual — won an award in Marie France magazine’s 2019 Beauty Grand Prix.

La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

Cinq Mondes treatment and massage menu


  • The Forfait Signature for 2 adults gives you: a private access of our Cinq Mondes Spa for 90 minutes including the lap pool with the Jacuzzi, a well being area, a tea & coffee set as well as the Sauna and during your 90 minutes privatisation you will enjoy one after the other a 30 minutes body treatment with our Cinq Mondes therapist.169€
  • The Forfait Signature for 1 adult gives you: a private access of our Cinq Mondes Spa for 30 minutes including the lap pool with the Jacuzzi, a well being area, a tea & coffee set as well as the Sauna and a 30 minutes body massage with our Cinq Mondes therapist.99€


“Bali Flowers Ritual” Express Radiance Facial
Enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers in this “express radiance” treatment inspired by Balinese beauty rituals and discover its beneficial effects on skin cleansing, wellbeing and beauty
  • 25mins50€
“Bali Flowers and Fruits Ritual” Skin Perfection Facial
All the benefits of the natural active ingredients from tropical flowers and natural fruit acids to unclog pores and perfect the skin. A Balinese beauty ritual that restores radiance, refines the skin texture and smooths to leave you with a glorious complexion.
  • 55mins95€
“Five Flowers Ritual” Illuminescence Facial
A toning and brightening Balinese massage of the face, neck and shoulders using the extracts from five tropical flowers. The skin is left perfectly cleansed and the complexion, radiant.
  • 55mins95€
Ko Bi Do Lifting and Plumping “Fountain of Youth” Facial
A real “anti-ageing treatment”, this manual facelift inspired by the famous Japanese massage is combined with a regenerating mask. Works deeply on wrinkles, sagging, dark spots and dullness, including in the most sensitive areas like the eyes, mouth and décolletage. The skin becomes soft and smooth, the complexion turns radiant and the mind is left completely relaxed.
  • 85mins145€


Relaxing North African Massage* Ritual
Inspired by eastern tradition, this full-body massage uses warmed, lightly scented argan oil. The beautician’s expert hands focus on areas of tension to eliminate toxins and muscle pain for true wellbeing.
  • 25mins50€
  • 55mins95€
Enveloping Balinese Massage*
Balinese ritual with Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm. This deeply relaxing massage uses traditional Thai smoothing movements.
  • 25mins50€
  • 55mins95€
Energetic Foot Massage*
This soothing, toning massage with an immediately refreshing effect provides lasting relief for legs that feel heavy.
  • 25mins50€
Polishing Papaya Purée Scrub
Based on a Thai ritual with natural papaya extracts, this gentle scrub leaves the skin looking refined and brightened.
  • 25mins50€
Royal Ritual from Siam
Polishing Papaya Purée scrub for 25 minutes and Enveloping Balinese Massage* for 60 minutes.
  • 85mins145€


  • Brows/lip/chin 11€
  • Half leg 20€
  • Brows, lip and chin 24€
  • Full leg 31€
  • Underarm 14€

*Our massages are for relaxation and beauty purposes only. They are not therapeutic or medical in nature.

Osteopathy appointments

The Spa & Wellness Area also offers osteopathy appointments. These incur an extra charge and must be booked for times when qualified osteopath and sports coach Grégoire is available at La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****.

Cinq Mondes products

Open to non-resident clients

In an Île de Ré exclusive, the hotel sells a selection of Cinq Mondes products.

“Happiness within the skin”. Cinq Mondes promises the balance needed for beauty. Combining the very best of nature and science, the brand’s “Skin Dietetics®” leads to deep regeneration — a source of general wellbeing for body and mind.

10 super oils and 14 super plant complexes, all of organic origin or natural, make up a range of unique products that are free of petrochemicals and suitable for all skin types.

And just as any premium brand should, Cinq Mondes has its own iconic products:


  • Kaolin and Flowers Mask (Ritual from Aleppo, Syria) 
  • Precious Cream for Face – Day and Night (Ritual from Kyoto, Japan)
  • Ko Bi Do Anti-Ageing Supreme Face Massage (Ritual from Japan) – award-winner in Marie France magazine’s 2019 Beauty Grand Prix


  • Sumptuous Dry Body Oil (Ritual from the Atlas Mountains, Morocco)
  • Phyto-Peeling Lotion (Ritual from Bali, Indonesia)
  • Eau Égyptienne (Ritual from Luxor, Egypt)
La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****


1. Cleanse and tone

  • Flowers Cleansing Mousse* 150ml 32€
  • Flowers Rain Tonic* 150ml 29€
  • Five Flowers Micellar Cleansing Water* 200ml 29€
  • Phyto-Peeling Lotion 150ml 37€
  • Flowers Cleansing Balm* 39€

2. Exfoliate and purify

  • Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant – 60ml 42€
  • Kaolin and Flowers Mask– 60ml 59€
  • Phyto-Peeling Gel Mask – 50ml 56€
  • 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturising Mask – 60ml 49€

3. Rebalance

  • Precious Radiance Elixir* – 10ml 49€
  • Nourishing Precious Elixir* – 10ml 49€
  • Purifying Precious Elixir* – 10ml 49€
  • Soothing Precious Elixir* – 10ml 49€
  • Plumping Precious Elixir* – 10ml 49€

4. Hydrate, nourish and combat the signs of ageing

Restore and nourish

  • Intense Comfort Cream* – 50ml 59€

Brighten your skin

  • Five Flowers Radiance Cream* – 50ml 52€

Prevent wrinkles

  • 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment – 15ml 49€
  • 7 Chinese Plants Ointment of Youth Combination Skin – 50ml 69€
  • 7 Chinese Plants Ointment of Youth Normal Skin – 50ml 69€
  • 7 Chinese Plants Ointment of Youth Dry Skin– 50ml 69€

Anti-wrinkle and firming

  • Rich Cream of Youth* – 30ml 98€
  • Rich Concentrate of Youth* – 30ml 99€

Global anti-ageing

  • Precious Concentrate Day and Night* – 30ml 159€
  • Precious Cream Day* – 50ml 149€
  • Precious Cream Night* – 50ml 149€
  • Geto Suprême The Cream – 50ml 290€

Face remodelling

  • Infinity Cream – 50ml l146€
  • Infinity Balm – 30ml 88€
  • Infinity Concentrate – 15ml 92€

Anti-dark spot

  • Sublime Light Serum* – 30ml 98€
  • Sublime Light Cream – 50ml 95€


1. Cleanse and exfoliate

  • Gel From Brazil 200ml 19€
  • Aromatic Scrub With Spices – 200ml 56€
  • Sublime Scrub* – 200ml 56€
  • Papaya Purée* – 150ml 42€
  • Beldi Black Soap* – 200ml 42€
  • Kassa Glove 12€

2. Hair and body wash

  • Phyto-Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil, Kyoto – 200ml 29€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil, Atlas – 200ml 29€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil, Siam – 200ml 29€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil, Java – 200ml 29€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil, Bangalore – 200ml 29€
  • Ayurvedic Plants Repairing Hair Mask – 200ml 39€
  • Ayurvedic Plants Repairing Cream Shampoo – 200ml 25€

3. Moisturise and nourish

Milky balms

  • Nectar from Brazil – 150ml 29€
  • Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm* – 150ml 39€
  • Sublime Body Balm* – 200ml 56€
  • Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm* – 200ml 56€


  • Universal Ayurvedic Dry Body Oil* – 150ml 42€
  • Sublime Body & Hair Oil* – 150ml 42€
  • Sumptuous Dry Body Oil* – 150ml 42€

4. Hand and foot treatments

  • Angel Hand Cream* – 75ml 29€
  • Tender Foot Cream* – 75ml 29€
  • Energising Leg-Lifting Cream* – 150ml 41€

5. Cooling off and relaxing

  • Eau du Brésil 100ml52€
  • Eau de Bengalore* – 100ml 52€
  • Eau du Siam* – 100ml 52€
  • Eau Égyptienne* – 100ml 52€
  • Eau Egyptienne Travel Size* – 25ml13€
  • Eau Egyptienne Limited Edition* – 150ml77€
  • Pluie de Pétales de Fleurs d’Oranger – 200ml35€



  • Phyto-Tonic Oil – 150ml 49€
  • Slimming Coffee Cream* – 150ml 49€


  • Slimming Udvartana Cream* – 150ml 46€



  • Phyto-Aromatic Candle, Ritual from Kyoto, Japan 42€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Candle, Ritual from the Atlas Mountains, Morocco42€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Candle, Ritual from Siam 42€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Candle, Ritual from Java, Indonesia 42€
  • Phyto-Aromatic Candle, Ritual from Bangalore, India 42€


  • Fresh Aromatic Sprays Collection 52€
  • 5-Oil Aromacology Collection 29€
  • Beauty Rituals of the World® Collection 39€
  • 15 Years Collection 39€
  • Relaxation and Serenity Collection 21€
  • Aromatic Soap Collection 39€


  • Happiness Within the Skin 25€

All products marked with * are environmentally friendly and organic cosmetic products certified by Ecocert Greenlife as meeting Ecocert standards.

Exclusively for resident clients

Resident clients can access the heated outdoor swimming pool and relaxation area as well as the Spa & Wellness Area.



Face and body treatments and massages



Relaxation area with glass roof and walls

Free champagne

Self-service Dammann teas and herbal teas